Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Busy Week

It has been a very busy week! I was out of town again for work this week but I did get to take my youngest daughter with me so it was a mini girls vacation for us. There are no less than 10 antique malls between home and Bloomington so we just had to hit a few of them. On the way we stopped at "The Pink Elephant"...this is what stands outside and can be seen from the highway. I found some cute valentine items there but I can't show you yet...I.m including them in my Valentine Swaps and I don't want to show my partners what they will be getting! On the way back we stopped at my favorite "The Lighthouse Antique Mall". My daughter spotted this scrap book in a booth that had everything at 50% off. It is full of over 130 get well cards from the 1950's! There is a small newspaper clipping that gives the date of the ladies illness. Here are just a few: OK can you guess what I paid for this?
Does my daughter have a good eye or what?! I also picked up this sweet little coloring book along with 4 others. While we were in Bloomington we visited one of my daughters favorite places "About Books" a used book store downtown.
We picked up a bunch of great old books.
Here are just a few:
Aren't these cute. More great kids books with some of the cutes pictures you have ever seen inside. This tiny pamphlet is full of great old time wisdom on being frugal. I'll scan it in and post some of the tips in a later post. Here is a little cook book and a cute book on first aid in the 40's While in Bloomington we also popped into the "Bronze Giraffe" another great antique mall. If you haven't been there in a while they just did a remodel and the place looks great.
I found this cute little box made from old Christmas Cards and a couple of vintage baby bibs. Sorry the bibs are soaking... and I didn't get a picture. I'm trying hard to catch up on every one's blogs but this weekend has been busy too.
Yesterday my sister in law had a Pampered Chef party and I ended up staying almost five hours visiting!
And I ordered way to much usual.
Today we had my oldest daughter and her family over for her birthday dinner and cake. She turned 26 on Thursday.
Had a great time playing with the grand kids. They had to play inside all day so my house is a wreck but that's OK.
They were stuck inside because:
We finally got some snow!
Only a few inches but more is expected all day tomorrow and into Tuesday!!!
I'm so glad I didn't plan my business trip for this I can work from home and enjoy the pretty snow from inside the warm and cozy house.
I hope everyone has a great week.


Lisa B. said...

Wow...lots of great finds! I love the elephant too:) I can't believe someone kept a scrapbook of their get well cards?! lol:D

the rusty cupboard said...

All your pictures are wonderful. What a great find.

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Oh my! I want to go antiquing with you!! That scrap book is great! And that elephant is so sweet and funny!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

You are the first person besides me that I have found that collects old coloring books...I love them and those scored on them! cherry

miss gracies house said...

Great finds!!!

Gwendolyn said...

Loved your amazing discoveries! Inspiring me to hunt for those old cards!


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