Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have been papercutting for 15 years and I think I'm pretty good at it. 

But when I see work like the piece below I have to bow at this artists feet. 

I found it while browsing on Etsy and had to do a double take.

The artist doesn't give her name but the Etsy shop where you can find this and many more papercuttings is: papercutdiecut


Can you believe this isn't a real feather?

I am in awe.

It even moves like a feather!

Look at the detail!

Makes me want to write an old fashioned letter. 

Wouldn't this look great over a desk.



Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Yahoo Groups

Thought I would share some of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to.

t shirt quilt makers
A friendly place for anyone interested in t shirt quilts; making them or finding someone to make one for you.

If you share a fascination and enthusiasm for crazy quilting and the arts of embellishment this group is for you.

A group for crafters to find friendship and help with crafting (all crafts), share recipes, gardening and selling your hand crafted items. 

A group for all who craft and have goodies for sale.  These items may be hand crafted or new, used odds and ends for crafting (craft magazines, books, fabric, rubber stamps, yarn, etc).  All crafts are welcome including but not limited to: quilting, sewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting, rubber stamping, scrapbooking and more.

A great place for doll lovers of all kinds to come together and discuss wonderful dolls and doll clothing.

An informal and relaxed venue for all those interested in Papercutting.

If you love making quilts by hand this is the group for you.  If you love hand piecing, hand applique, hand embroidery or hand quilting you'll want to join this group.

A group for you to share and discuss Hand Embroidery redwork patterns and ideas.

Whether you call it Scherenschnitte, Kirigami, Kiri-e, Mon-kiri, Senga, Sen-shi, Jian zhi, Hua Yang, Wycinanki, Mizrah, Papel Picado, Decoupeur or Papytomania this group is all about papercutting.

Open to anyone who has sewing or crafts related items to give away, trade or offer for sale.  many items offered at yard sale prices by members who are destashing.

The purpose of this group is to promote heirloom quality stitching.

A group dedicated to the Sampler lover in all stitchers.  Old, Repro and New Samplers.  Our aim is to provide a forum to discuss all facets of the Samplers that we love the most. 

If you see something you like I encourage you to check the group out.  I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Collage of my summer flowers 2009

These are some of the wildflowers that I had in my backyard this year.

Believe it or not most of them came from a box of wildflower seeds that I bought at Home Depot and sprinkled into the flower box along the back fence.

So easy just sprinkle, water and enjoy!

I miss them already.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parents Weekend and a passing

Alot has happened since my last post.

Went to visit Amanda at college for parents weekend.  She is in the newest dorm building this year.  She's with one of her room mates from last year, I'm glad because Janelle is a really good girl.

While we were there we went for dinner at Lambert's Cafe home of the throwed rolls.  Not really a cafe the place is huge and we had a two hour wait but it sure was worth it.  The portions are HUGE.  The meatloaf dinner was half a meatloaf!

Right after our trip my mother in law was diagnosed with liver cancer.  We lost her in less than six weeks.  It was really a shock because even though she was 81 she was very, very active.  She was able to plan her own funeral and she had hospice at home which is what she wanted.  It was strange she was so calm about it all. My husband was able to be with her when she passed which was a blessing.
The service was just last week so it is still pretty fresh.

She will be missed...ecspecially her awesome cooking.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today is my youngest daughters 14th birthday. She won't let me post a picture of her (I'll sneak one in later). Each year since she turned 10 we have had her birthday dinner at The Lemp Mansion here in St Louis.

The Lemp family owned the Lemp Brewery and in 1870 was the largest brewery in St Louis, but that's not what the family is most famous for.

The mansion is one of the most haunted places here in St Louis because of the numerous deaths and suicides in the family.
Click here to learn more about the Lemp family it really is fascinating.
The mansion not only operates as a restaurant but as a bed & breakfast. Cherie and I are going to stay the night in the spooky place one of these days, we just haven't gotten up the nerve yet!
My computer is acting up so I can't show you the pictures that I took today but it was a real treat today because the lady in the gift shop told us we could wander around the three floors and the basement all we wanted. Cherie was so excited! Maybe I caught some ghosts in the pictures?! You will have to settle for some pictures from their web site for now.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


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