Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung

I hope Santa brings you everything you asked for!
Have a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shopping in Kimmswick, MO

I spent the other day shopping with two of my three daughters. When we need ornaments to give as gifts we always go to Kimmswick, a small town just south of St Louis. My girls are always up for shopping and lunch!
The whole town is only 7 blocks square and it is all small shops, a couple of restaurants and bed & breakfast.
Just outside of town is an old bridge that the girls had to see.
If you look just past the end of the creek that is where it feeds into the Mississippi River.
Here is the view of town from the bridge.
More of the town.
One of the shops.
My favorite shop of all is the Christmas shop.
Here are some of the ornaments we found. There are a few more but we wrapped them before I got pictures.
Here is a Kimmswick Angel.
Here is a Santa Moon.

Here are a couple of angel ornaments for my granddaughters. I love the glittered words.
And here are a few glittered houses.
If you are ever in the area it is a really cute little place to spend the day. I meant to get pictures of where we ate but we were too busy stuffing our faces. I'll get some next time we go.

Macy's Windows

Last night my in-laws took us all out to dinner. After dinner we went downtown to see the holiday window displays at Macy's. The windows tell the story "Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Clause". It starts out with Virginia and her family around the tree: See the kids upstairs on the landing putting the star on the tree? In the doorway behind the family you can see the maid standing in the pantry! Here is the street outside the newspaper office. See the guy decorating the light pole? Here is Virginia on the steps with her letter to the editor.
Here we are inside the newspaper office.
Yes Virginia Santa is real.
Here is my Cherie enjoying the windows despite the bitter cold. Hey where is your hat?!!!
What a fun night. I remember going to see the windows downtown when I was little and how magical it was. It still is pretty neat.
Have a great Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some of my favorite Christmas Ornaments

These are just some of the ornaments on the tree. First is one of the first ornaments I purchased when I "grew up" and had my own tree. (See Rue I told you I had a set of bells just like yours!)
Next two glass ornaments I just love the Santa and the little glass snowman.
Three glass balls.
King Tut from the King Tut exhibit in Chicago. (My youngest went through an egyptian phase)
Fat Santa.
Fat Snowman.
My youngest had a white snow suit when she was a baby and this ornament reminded me of her.
My Santa lightbulb.
I just thought this guy was cute.
My husband is a carpenter so here is his tool man ornament.
His saw ornament.
His level ornament.
I have two of these. They aren't the prettiest but my dad brought them home to my mom on there first Christmas in 1960 so they are as old as I am.
This is the first ornament I bought for my oldest daughter. (I'm not sure why she hasn't taken this one to her house with all of the others?)
Each year I get my three girls a special ornamnet. Some of them have their names on them and some of them are just the same ornament for all three. This is one of my youngest's ballerina ornaments.
This is her carousel horse.
This is one of my middle daughters ornaments.
I try my best to get an ornament when we travel somewhere as a family. This one is from New York.
Out of order but this is my youngest when she was 5 yrs old. (Isn't she adorable!)
Here is another of my middle daughter's ornaments.
Back to travel ornaments. This one is from our trip to Chimney Rock.
This one from Washington DC.
The home of Mark Twain in Hannibal MO.
One of our Chicago trips.
A favorite from Jamaica.
One of our best trips was to Biltmore Mansion. (Awesome)
Well that's it for now. Sorry about getting them mixed up a little bit. There are many more on this and a couple of other trees. Maybe I will save some for next year. Believe it or not I purchased more ornaments on my girl's day out with my daughters yesterday. I'll show them when I post about the trip tomorrow.


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