Sunday, November 30, 2008

Never Enough Time

Well this is my last day of vacation time and I already need another one! Spent the weekend before Thanksgiving catching up with laundry and the house after my business trips all month. Then the days before Thanksgiving at my moms helping get her house ready for the holidays. Thanksgiving day at moms with most of my big family. Always a fun time. Took my three grandkids home with me on Thanksgiving day because my daughter is leaving for Mexico to visit her new inlaws. Needless to say the past three days have been a blur of diapers, toys everywhere, bath times, snotty noses... you get the picture. What was supposed to be a few day trip is now extended to a week long trip. Why does my family always forget mom has a job! I'm lucky that I can do most of my job from home but I still need to turn in actual work and with three kids climbing on me, wanting food (they're always hungry!), driving to and from schools....I don't see much work getting done this week. I hope my boss doesn't see this post. I did get a few things I had hoped to done this weekend. I washed all of my vintage linen collection and even had time to get most of it ironed. I had hoped to get it all photographed and measured but at least I got it started. Oh yeah I did get my tree up and the lights on it tonight but no ornaments yet. I guess I will get to that later in the week. I will be spending the rest of the week running between my house and my daughters so I can get my granddaughter and my youngesy daughter to and from school. I'm not sure how much I will get to post or read other blogs until my daughter is home (and I sleep for a week). Talk to you all soon. Peggy

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Just a quick note to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 24, 2008

FOR TODAY Monday November 24, 2008... Outside My Window... my window is open to the sunny, warm November day. I am thinking... how nice it is to be off work this week. I am thankful for...text messaging...otherwise I would never hear from my college kid. From the kitchen...probably pasta tonight. I am wearing...jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt I am creating...a t-shirt quilt for a family friend. I am tonight for tableclothes for my mom. I am reading...Blink by Malcolm Gladwell I am hoping...for a relaxing week. I am hearing...the wind chimes outside my back door. Around the daughter is doing her lessons downstairs and laundry is almost caught up. One of my favorite things...old black and white movies A Few Plans For The Rest Of The, shopping and eating. Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Monday, November 17, 2008

On the road again

It has been so busy I barely have time to think lately. I was out of town last week for work again and have to be gone again this week. My kids are really sick of me traveling and I'm getting nothing done here at home. I spend all weekend visiting with my mom and my daughter and grandkids and then it's time to pack again for the next trip. For the past month I have literally unpacked in the laundry room, washed my clothes and put them right back into the suitcase when they come out of the dryer. I love my job but I will be so happy when I have this project caught up. Then I'll only have to travel once a month for a day or so. I have all of next week off and can relax for the holiday. That will hopefully make this week a bit easier. At least I don't have to worry about having Thanksgiving at my house like we usually do because my mom wants us all to come to her house. She was sick last year and not able to enjoy the holidays so I guess she's trying to make up for it. It's always fun at my moms with almost all nine of us kids and our families there. A couple of my brothers live out of town and can't make the trip but it's still a good time. A house full of chaos and noise and lots of love. I love being from a big family. I'm hoping that next week I can get some things on my to do list done.
  • work on quilt for a family friend out of some of his military t-shirts
  • launder and iron some of my vintage linens
  • take some photoes of my collection
  • post some photoes here for everyone to see

See ya


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some new goodies to share.

My mom inherited an elderly neighbors house and the contents. I am helping her clean the place out and she let me have a bunch of sewing stuff. Yeh!! Here is some of it. First a shell pincushion...
Some long pins...Next two more pin cushions...I'm not sure if the smaller one sits on top of the larger one or if is a seperate pin cushion. they have little oriental figures holding hands around them...
Another pin cushion....
A whole bunch of hooks and tools....
Tatting bobbins and a needle case....
Tape measurers....
Measuring tapes....
A bunch of thimbles...
That is just some of the stuff. I will post the rest of the stuff later.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vintage Embroidery Transfers

Good Morning Here is a flickr group I think is really cool. It has tons of vintage patterns for those of you who love to embroider or just look at vintage designs. Enjoy

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you vote?

I hope everyone got out and casted their vote today. I went this afternoon and brought my book anticipating the long lines but I was in and out in less that 10 mins. Spent today taking pictures of some new vintage sewing stuff I was given then had to get on the road for a business trip. I will be working from Bloomington IL for the next few days and home again on Friday. Maybe I'll find some vintage stuff here; I'll have to do some searching. I don't have the pictures on my computer to share yet but I will post them when I get home. I hope everyone has a great night.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is my first post on my first blog so please be patient if the content isn't great at first. I guess I will tell you alittle bit about myself and my life. I live with my husband and my youngest daughter who is 13 yrs old. I have two other daughters that don't live with us, at least not full time. My 25 yr old is married and has three kids of her own and my 19 yr old is away at her first year of college. I work full time at a job that is done mostly from home. I do make a few calls each week for a couple of hours at a time but the rest is all done online. Most people think that because I work from home I have all kinds of free time but that is soooo not true. It is still my responsibility to get the work done. I guess we live a virtual life with my job and my 13 yr old is attending a virtual school (it's new here). She attends one day a week and does the rest of the work from home with my guidance. Kind of like homeschooling but without all of the stress of planning the lessons and being totally responsible for teaching the content (math is not one of my favorite things). I hope to post pictures of some of my collections in the up coming posts. I have a great vintage linens collection along with jars and jars of buttons and unfinished quilt blocks. I also love to do paper cutting so I will post some of my work and ideas here for you all to look at. Well it has taken me longer to set this blog up than I had anticipated so I will sign off for now and write some more tomorrow.


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