Sunday, November 30, 2008

Never Enough Time

Well this is my last day of vacation time and I already need another one! Spent the weekend before Thanksgiving catching up with laundry and the house after my business trips all month. Then the days before Thanksgiving at my moms helping get her house ready for the holidays. Thanksgiving day at moms with most of my big family. Always a fun time. Took my three grandkids home with me on Thanksgiving day because my daughter is leaving for Mexico to visit her new inlaws. Needless to say the past three days have been a blur of diapers, toys everywhere, bath times, snotty noses... you get the picture. What was supposed to be a few day trip is now extended to a week long trip. Why does my family always forget mom has a job! I'm lucky that I can do most of my job from home but I still need to turn in actual work and with three kids climbing on me, wanting food (they're always hungry!), driving to and from schools....I don't see much work getting done this week. I hope my boss doesn't see this post. I did get a few things I had hoped to done this weekend. I washed all of my vintage linen collection and even had time to get most of it ironed. I had hoped to get it all photographed and measured but at least I got it started. Oh yeah I did get my tree up and the lights on it tonight but no ornaments yet. I guess I will get to that later in the week. I will be spending the rest of the week running between my house and my daughters so I can get my granddaughter and my youngesy daughter to and from school. I'm not sure how much I will get to post or read other blogs until my daughter is home (and I sleep for a week). Talk to you all soon. Peggy

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