Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Amazing Artist

I found another super talented artist on Etsy!  

His name is Dave and his Etsy shop is called Mountain Brook.

As you all know I love papercutting so naturally one of the items I always look for when I'm browsing online is anything to do with papercutting and silhouettes.  When I first clicked on this shop I thought to myself WOW these are really cute papercuttings.  But as I was looking at them I noticed they weren't photographed flat as most papercuttings are.  I thought cool they are 3 dimensional but how did he do it? When I started reading the descriptions I realized they are cut out of wood and standing upright on a base!

 How cool is this?!  

This guy is good! 

And to top it off they are really inexpensive.


I hope you will stop by Mountain Brook and see this amazing work and
maybe make a purchase or two.

I think this one is my favorite!


1 comment:

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